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MX Logic Releases August Threat Forecast & Report
Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2009 09:41:00 AM
Web-borne Threats Surpass Email as Preferred Attack Vector Despite Spam Levels Reaching All-time Highs. MX Logic, the world's largest independent provider of managed email and Web security solutions, today released the August MX Logic Threat Forecast & Report. In the report, MX Logic highlighted that the spam level reached its highest point ever in July, accounting for 94.6 percent of all email sent. However, malicious threats, such as viruses, sent via email have steadily declined. MX Logic also noted that Web-borne threats appeared to be crossing the threshold as the predominant method cybercriminals are using.

"This shift is note worthy considering the large volume of spam that was recorded; this is not to say that the usual suspects were not developing new malware. It just appears as email has, once again, fallen out of favor as a delivery method for some of the major groups although it is being used as a primary vehicle to deliver messages that contain links to Web sites that deliver malware," said Sam Masiello, vice president of Information Security, MX Logic.

The monthly MX Logic Threat Forecast & Report provides information on email and Web threats and trends from the previous month, as well as an expert forecast of the possible threats to come. This month's analysis includes the following highlights.

Security Threats in July:

-- Spam volumes increased by another 27% in July

-- Biggest threats were spam related to Michael Jackson's death and Waledac's July 4th Fireworks

-- Health related spam continues to be far and away the most prevalent type of spam

Forecasted Email and Web Security Threats in August:

-- Use of Google's trending topic information as a method to determine new social engineering tactics will continue

-- Until URL abbreviation services incorporate more security into their services across the board, this will be a tactic that cyber criminals continue to employ

-- Spam related to natural disasters as hurricane season approaches and NFL- related lures will be prevalent
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