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MX Logic SecurityBuzz Features Special Cloud Computing Episode
Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 02:43:00 PM
Internet and Security Pioneer, Scott Chasin, Discusses the Past, Present and Future of Cloud Computing. SecurityBuzz, a weekly threat and security podcast by MX Logic, today posted a special cloud computing podcast with Scott Chasin, co-founder and CTO of MX Logic. Credited with inventing the first web-based consumer email system and the first IP-based commercially hosted messaging service, Chasin will discuss cloud computing and how it's transforming the way companies do business and think about traditional IT.

Discussion Highlights:

- Defining Cloud Computing - With so many vendors jumping on the cloud-computing bandwagon, Chasin covers the deep history and terminology surrounding cloud computing.

- Security and IT Implications of Cloud Computing - As more and more companies adopt cloud-based services, businesses and IT departments will need to evolve the way they think about IT and security.

- The Future of Cloud Computing - Chasin discusses the future of cloud computing along with the opportunities and challenges it presents the industry as a whole.
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