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MX Logic Extends Global Presence
Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 02:38:00 PM
MX Logic Extends Global Presence with Industry's Only Massively Scalable and Comprehensive SaaS Security Platform. MX Logic today announced the global expansion of its massively scalable, multi-tenant MX SecureNet Platform. With established facilities in the United States and Japan, MX Logic has extended its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform into Europe and Asia with new facilities in London and Hong Kong. The expansion positions the company and its channel partners to offer a complete portfolio of email and Web security, message archiving, and disaster recovery services to international and multi-national businesses and corporations.

"Given their platform and robust portfolio of services, MX Logic is a top-tier SaaS-based security vendor that is very well positioned to serve the growing global demand amongst businesses -- both large and small -- for in-the-cloud security services," said independent security expert and analyst, Michael Osterman of Osterman Research.

The announcement is the culmination of a multi-year effort to build the world's most reliable and scalable SaaS security platform, along with the most complete portfolio of messaging and collaboration security services. MX Logic services include the award-winning Email Defense Service, Web Defense Service, Message Archiving Service, and Disaster Recovery and Message Continuity Services.

"The Internet has and continues to fundamentally change how companies do business, forcing them to evolve how they think about the traditional concept of the network perimeter, as well as how they handle security," said Scott Chasin, Chief Technology Officer at MX Logic. "The key to widespread adoption of SaaS-based services is proving reliability over time, and MX Logic has done that year in and year out serving nearly 40,000 businesses and millions of end users."

Unlike other SaaS security platforms, the MX SecureNet platform is capable of managing multiple security services while connecting them together using a single policy engine. This not only eliminates the burden of managing multiple services and vendors, but it also provides better overall protection. For example, built-in MX Logic Cloud Threat Intelligence technology allows the services to work in tandem, giving MX Logic a unique view of both email- and Web-based threats. As a result, MX Logic can identify and respond more quickly to real-time threats and the growing volume of blended email and Web attacks.

Another unique advantage of the MX SecureNet platform is its ability to be deployed rapidly and efficiently. In most cases, MX Logic can open a new facility within 90 days without huge infrastructure costs. This provides MX Logic with the flexibility to expand its global footprint quickly, while ensuring the company can provide some of the industry's best value pricing. MX Logic is currently considering opening additional facilities in Asia, EMEA, North and South America, and parts of the Middle East and Africa.

MX Logic will continue to distribute services primarily through its award-winning PartnerFocus program and distribution network. Currently, MX Logic drives approximately 85 percent of new revenue through channel partners with the goal of 90 percent by year's end. While MX Logic will explore adding new regional partners in the future, it will initially rely on existing partners, many of which already have international or multi-national customers.
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